Friday, July 31, 2009

Start the Healing Process from the Comfort of Your Own Home

It is not unusual to have a certain level of apprehension when you are considering any new step forward in your life. Some people get anxious when they enter an aerobics studio for the first time and wonder if they should hide in the back of the class so no one notices when they cannot follow the steps. Others find that visiting the dentist after a voluntary absence of years is a terrifying prospect that may involve drills, needles, and plenty of promises to themselves that proper teeth care will be a bigger priority in the future. Along these same lines, making the choice to meet with a professional with the intention of improving one’s emotional or psychological state can be overwhelming. What if I have to discuss topics from my past that make me uncomfortable? Will I get frustrated if I do not feel better quickly? How do therapy and the related treatments affect my brain functions?

If you know that you could be experiencing a happier life, but you are hesitant to make that first phone call to a professional therapist or counselor, why not start the process of improving yourself in the comfort of your own home? In my new book The Anja Technique, I guide my readers through several relaxation techniques and affirmation exercises that will safely and effectively remove the psychological obstacles in their lives. Whether you are plagued by jealousy, self-esteem issues, guilt, or a variety of other roadblocks to your happiness, The Anja Technique will work for you. I also explain the root of these issues so that you can identify the core problems and release yourself from their grips. The book also comes with a companion CD that will gently guide you through the process.

I hope you will consider reading The Anja Technique and discovering the difference it can make in your life. There is a more fulfilling, confident life waiting for you and you have the power to make it happen. I look forward to hearing from you and learning how The Anja Technique worked for you.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Shayn's Quote of the Day

When you begin to see a challenge as an opportunity for growth: when you have a desire to accomplish a task that you allow nothing or no one to stop you; when you have placed your clear, concise vision into the Universe asking for the best outcome, for your greatest good and the greater good of all; when you have laid a firm foundation and move forward towards your goal, then you will find and live your passion.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Important Message - Sit Back Relax and Enjoy!

"The Anja Technique" by Shayn Cutino - Helps you to Obtain Your Dreams

TO Learn More about the Author Shayn Cutino

A Transformational System that will lead You to the Life of your Dreams

The Anja Technique the art of self love is a book and companion CD that teaches you how to overcome the obstacles of inner conflict, self-doubt, negative thoughts, guilt, anger, fear, self-hate, self-criticism and jealousy.

The Anja Technique CD features guided imagery that creates relaxation. No Joke, do listen to this CD use while driving or operating machinery.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Crossing the Line from Self-Improvement to Self-Criticism

There certainly are times during which we need to take an honest look at ourselves and make an honest assessment of our need for self-improvement. Am I the caring parent, child, spouse, friend that I want to be? What additional steps could I be taking to improve my chances of professional success? Am I taking care of my physical self through regular exercise and a well-balanced diet, or am I making decisions which harm my body? We are constantly evolving creatures, so we should be looking for new ways to grow and improve. However, we need to be careful of indulging in the dangerous practice of self-criticism. If you are standing in front of the mirror every morning pointing out every one of your flaws, both visible and unseen, you are dealing with an obstacle that is preventing from a complete and fulfilled life.

The negative thoughts and emotions that plague our minds are based in
the unconscious mind and usually develop in childhood. If you were raised by someone who constantly made you aware of your shortcomings or perhaps simply did not offer positive reinforcement, the seeds of self-criticism likely were planted in you. You grew into an adult with criticism being your only known method of communication, probably both for yourself and concerning the way you treat others. Wouldn’t life be so much more enjoyable if you were able to focus on what makes you wonderful and beautifully unique?

Your unconscious mind can be rewired to remove the power that negative thoughts have on your everyday happiness. Obstacles such as self-criticism, which have affected your level of confidence for as long as you can remember, can be destroyed. In my new book,
The Anja Technique, I teach my readers simple and safe relaxation techniques that will remove those old blocks and bring you to new levels of confidence and self-love. You will learn how these obstacles developed in the first place and practice specific affirmations that will make you realize how worthy you are of love.

I hope you will read
The Anja Technique and then let me know what its content meant to you.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Shayne's Quote of the Day

When you are high on the scale of love, you don't have to climb higher. At that particular
moment, love is the focus of everything. When you're not climbing to get up the ladder of love
because you are already there, the ladder falls away, and you understand something you have
never understood before. Love is just another project of All That Is.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Make the Most Important Approval Your Own

From a very young age, we expend a great deal of energy trying to earn the validation of the people in our lives. Research completed by child psychologists and educators shows that the youngest of infants show signs of confusion and despondence when their moms are not thrilled by every adorable smile or appeal for attention. As we go through school, peer pressure and the need for teachers’ approval affect plenty of our decisions for the better or worse. When it comes to pursuing romantic relationships, we sometimes allow ourselves to hide part of our personalities or worry about whether or not every little flaw will be magnified by the person whose heart we desire. Allow me to suggest a novel concept to you. What if the person whose validation you craved the most was your own? Did you know if you truly love yourself and carry a genuine sense of self-confidence, the rest of the world will follow?

You likely have heard the assertion that the first four years of a child’s life are the most critical in terms of brain development and this is not just valid for intellectual growth. There are ten primary obstacles that stand in your way of achieving the self-love and more fulfilling life that you deserve, including negative thoughts, resentment, and fear. These emotional barriers took root early in your childhood and have contributed to the thought processes in your brain ever since then. However, you need to know that it is possible to break down these obstacles and make them irrelevant in your life. You actually can retrain the way that your own brain works through plugging into your unconscious mind. What is the best part of this news? This reworking of your mindset can be achieved through safe and straightforward relaxation techniques that will affirm you and generate a beautiful love of self.

If you make the decision to take charge of your own happiness, what can you expect your newfound self-love to look like? It is not an inflated ego that leaves you unable to recognize your own needs for further improvement. It does not come with a need to ignore the desires and needs of others in order to focus on your own well-being. Instead, self-love is an acknowledgement of the outside influences that are impacting your life and making the decision not to give them more value than they are worth. It is the recognition that all of us face obstacles in our way of thinking and we deserve to own the skills that will allow us to navigate through them. We are all wonderfully flawed humans who deserve to present ourselves as precious individuals. That is the embodiment of self-love. Sounds like a pretty great concept to me.

If you want to learn more about the obstacles that are preventing you from living the best life possible and how you can take steps to defeat them, I hope you will consider reading my new book The Anja Technique. Through basic relaxation techniques and the personal affirmations that I share in my book, you will overcome negative thinking and find a greater love than you have ever known … your own.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Shayn Cutino's Thought For Day, Monday July 20

This moment, begin to create yourself. It does not matter the paths you followed in the past. It
only matters the paths you choose from this moment on. Live your life with intention to love any
and all without judgement, including yourself.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Shayn Cutino's "Thought of the Day"

People come into your life for a reason. Each person directly impacts your life.
People come and go, and over time, these relationships sometimes feel difficult
because you are looking at what you are loosing rather than loving them and
celebrating their growth and journey. When you joyfully celebrate the times you
spend together, you build bridges that bring people closer and you make
meaningful relationships.

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Obstacle of Jealousy

How many of you were required to take part in some sort of obstacle course as a requirement for gym class or during a very special day at summer camp? You jumped in and out of a series of rubber tires, scaled a brick wall with a flimsy rope, and completed the endurance test with a crawl through some sort of tunnel. I am sure there are many of us with such moments, pleasant or not, filed in our childhood memories. Beyond the physically obvious, however, there are other obstacles that we may find ourselves trying to conquer throughout our lives. In my book The Anja Technique, I share insights into the destructive power of obstacles such as fear, guilt, and resentment and how you can use relaxation exercises and affirmations to reverse their impact on your life. There is one obstacle that is particularly powerful and has the capability of activating other life obstacles that I cover in my book—jealousy.

The feelings of
jealousy that you may be experiencing as an adult likely have their root in events that took place when you were a child. If you were abandoned when you were very young or you lived with a parent who was emotionally distant, you likely will be prone to the dangerous grip of jealousy later in life. You may find yourself needing assistance breaking free from the chains of jealous behavior that are founded in selfishness and insecurity, which you developed because your self-confidence was not nurtured when you were young. If you truly can develop love for yourself, you will find that you do not envy the way that other people look, the relationships they enjoy, or the possessions they own.

The Anja Technique, I share detailed information concerning all ten of the primary obstacles that may be preventing you from living a happier, more fulfilling life. I also provide specific and effective ways of teaching your subconscious mind to change the power that such obstacles are allowed to have over your well-being. If you know that you are not living a life of love and self-acceptance and you want a fresh start, I hope you will consider my book which comes with a relaxation CD as a tool on that journey.

I hope you enjoy and get to where you want to be.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thought for the day!

Now is the time for your fulfillment of purpose. You may ask yourself "What is
my purpose?" Your purpose is to reside in joy, delight, fulfillment, wholeness of
being, wealth and all manners that consiously unite you with the All as it
incarnates on Earth.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Breaking the Misconceptions about Hypnotherapy

Have you ever considered hypnotherapy as a way to alleviate whatever emotional burdens or physical ailments are interfering with your quality of life, but perhaps you are hesitant to participate in this break from alternative medicine? When you mention the possibility of hypnosis to friends or family, do you receive some raised eyebrows or outright criticism concerning your interest in moving beyond traditionally accepted solutions?

There are so many misconceptions about what exactly happens when you enter the office of a clinical hypnotherapist. I believe that some concrete information about the true practice of hypnotherapy would change the minds of many skeptics. And, with a new attitude towards the practice, people will finally have the opportunity to experience a more enjoyable, confident life free from the internal struggles that had been plaguing them, often for many years.

When you walk into my office or that of any other serious and licensed hypnotherapist, you will not be put under a spell and asked to hop on one foot or cluck like a chicken. This is simply a misconception that is perpetrated on television shows.

Our goal is not to make you engage in ridiculous activities. In fact, your unconscious mind would never allow you to take part in such uncomfortable tricks. Instead, a hypnotherapist guides her clients into a relaxed state of body and mind that resembles the moments during which you are drifting off to sleep or waking up in the morning. Once this relaxation is achieved, the therapist will use a variety of techniques to awaken deep-rooted issues that may exist deep in the client’s past.

An experienced hypnotherapist can then essentially rewire the unconscious mind so that these issues no longer have the same power over a client’s current state of mind. I can understand if the concept of “rewiring the brain” seems scary and dangerous, but that could not be further from the truth.

Instead, clinical hypnotherapy is a safe and effective treatment that is performed with gentleness and deliberate care. The result will be removing psychological toxins from your way of thinking and therefore creating a better life.

What are some specific ways in which hypnotherapy can help you? You can expect to enjoy relief from anxiety, low self-confidence, stress, smoking, weight issues, phobias, sleep disorders, anger management, nail biting, depression, shyness, claustrophobia, impotence, allergies, substance abuse, panic attacks, fear of flying, poor memory and many more areas that interfere with the quality of your everyday existence.

If you are experiencing any of these problems, you already know that you are not as happy and satisfied as possible. Nothing else has worked—why shouldn’t you try something new?

I understand that you want to feel comfortable before embarking on any new path that will have a direct impact on your life, even if the journey is meant to bring you positive outcomes. I simply ask that you look more deeply into the possibilities that hypnotherapy offers and believe what your mind and heart are telling you about the process. Most clinical hypnotherapists choose their profession out of a genuine passion for helping people learn to live a fuller life that is rich in love.

Please reach out and start that process for yourself today.

Feel Free to contact me at for more information.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Familia

This is my familia having lunch in celebration of my daughters birthday!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We All Need to Find a Way to Relax

I love the fact that each individual we meet as we walk through our daily lives is unique and precious. We all look different, have our own priorities in life, practice a variety of faiths that bring us comfort and strength, and contain a personal history that was written for no one else. As I get to know new clients, I enjoy learning what activities they choose for relaxation.

Some find that a day of shopping for great deals among the crowded malls is a great way to release tension. Others grab a romance novel and slide into a hot bubble bath in order to ease the stress of the day. Yes, there are also men and women who are convinced that jumping out of an airplane and skydiving to the earth is the greatest way of relaxing. My concern for those who seek my professional counsel begins when they tell me that cannot find any way to relax at all.

We all need to find some method through which we can reach a true state of relaxation. Only then are we able to focus our thoughts and really hear what our body, mind, and spirit need. And, as I mentioned above, there are many paths to this destination. Without the slowing of our hectic pace and the dedicated time just to focus on our needs, we will be no good to others. So, I ask you this question. What do you do to relax? How do you reconnect with yourself and take a break from all of your daily responsibilities? I certainly hope that you have an answer.

If you cannot relax, it is time for you to learn some skills that will change this unhealthy pattern. In my new book,
The Anja Technique, I guide my readers through five powerful steps to self-love that all involve key relaxation techniques. You will come to find yourself more connected with your own needs and enjoying a heightened level of confidence and empowerment that perhaps you have never felt before. I hope you will give The Anja Technique a try.

I would love to hear from you with any questions or feedback!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Low Self-Esteem Starts Early and Can Quickly Become a Dominant Player in Your Life

There is one overwhelming problem that, if it exists within our minds and controls our everyday thoughts, will spill over into all aspects of our life. We will find ourselves unable to sustain a healthy relationship. We will not be as successful as we could be at work. We will shy away from all of the amazing new experiences that await us as we travel through this world. I am referring to the status of our self-esteem. To be sure, we have all been through stages in our life when we were not feeling as confident about ourselves as we would like. It is only natural that certain events or transitions will make you a bit uncomfortable in your own skin. However, you should be concerned about the status of your self-esteem when feeling poorly about yourself simply becomes an accepted way of life. When you are doing everything you can to blend into the background and remain unnoticed because you deem yourself unworthy of positive attention, you end up creating a self-imposed isolation that inevitably will leave you feeling helpless and hopeless. This is no way to live. Please know that you have the power within yourself to make your self-esteem a mark of pride, not of embarrassment.

More often than not, low self-esteem is developed in childhood. If you receive negative messages about your own worth from parents, siblings, teachers, peers, coaches, or other influential people in your young life, those words can become ingrained in your psyche. These negative interactions can be as simple as not receiving enough encouragement or affirmation from your early role models to being as egregious as outright physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Unless steps are taken to remedy the damage done to your self-esteem as a child, these attacks perpetrated on your spirit will manifest themselves in dangerous ways once you become an adult. Lack of self-esteem is nearly always a contributing factor in cases of sexual promiscuity, addictions, social anxiety, and the compulsive desire to please. If you are suffering from low self-esteem, I know that none of this information comes as a surprise to you.

With there being no doubt that self-esteem is a huge roadblock to your true enjoyment of life and all of its blessings, what can you do to release yourself from its bondage and realize a sense of confidence that previously seemed impossible? I would like to suggest that hypnotherapy has the potential to change your opinion of yourself and remove the power that those who affected your childhood have held over you for so long. With the assistance of a trained hypnotherapist, you can retrain your unconscious mind to ignore the hurtful words and actions that have been pushed on you throughout your life. Can you imagine the freedom of that shift in your thinking? You will no longer believe that you are not smart, not attractive, and not worthy. Instead, that old way of thinking will be cast aside and a new person will emerge who is ready to embrace whatever life has to offer.

Does this sound good to you?

If so, I hope you will decide to learn more about the safe and effective tool of hypnosis and what it can do for you.

Contact me at for further information.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Is a Lack of Confidence Holding You Back at Work?

There are various components of our life that, at different points, can bring us great joy or sadness. Our personal relationships, physical health, casual interactions, and sense of self are all important pieces of our existence that fluctuate depending on the season. There is also the element of our lives that, for many of us, requires more of our time than almost anything else … our jobs. Are you satisfied with the point at which you currently find yourself in your career? Have you been longing for a promotion after years as a dedicated employee, but cannot figure out why someone else is always chosen for the corner office or the substantial raise? Being frustrated with your job situation can result in a growing unhappiness in other areas of your life. If this sounds familiar, it’s time for a change.

Many of you probably
have read articles and books that provide advice concerning how to get ahead in the workplace. Find someone who already has the job you want and model your efforts after that person. Always greet each person in your office with a smile and a firm handshake. Ask your boss what you can be doing to improve the organization or business for which you work. Taking the initiative will be remembered! All of these pieces of advice are accurate and proven techniques for greater office success. However, none of these components will work without a genuine confidence in your own abilities. You need to believe that you are successful before anyone else will.

Clinical hypnotherapy is a wonderful way of unlocking any hindrance that you may have to feeling self-confident. Through safe relaxation techniques, a trained professional can unlock the hang-ups and doubts that are stored in your unconscious mind and teach you to think about yourself in a whole new light. In my new book, The Anja Technique, I have provided information about some exercises that you can complete in the comfort of your own home. You deserve to learn why you are lacking the confidence you need to succeed in both your professional and your personal life. Make the decision to start that exploration today.

Contact me and maybe I can be of some help at