Friday, August 28, 2009

Red States and Blue States, but What about Happy States?

One of the most satisfying parts of my professional life is when a client comes to me and shares her story of a life transformed. I became a hypnotherapist out of a desire to help people. Men and women often walk into my office with skepticism concerning what hypnosis can really do for them, but soon discover that their long-standing addictions, struggles with depression, or other deep-rooted problems are all obstacles that can be removed permanently. Regardless of our starting point, we are all capable of greater happiness in our lives through attention to the power of our unconscious minds. This part of our mind, which is largely untapped yet so crucial to our perspective on every event and person in our lives, can be trained to look at any detail that currently makes us unhappy through a completely different lens.

I was reflecting on happiness today and I began to think about the impact of our physical environment on the ease with which we are happy. By this, I am not just referring to having beautiful pillows on our couch or a lush flower garden in which to meditate. In this instance, my curiosity is on a larger scale. Is there a part of the country that lends itself to a greater sense of peace and bigger smiles?

I live in California, and there certainly is plenty to love about my beautiful state. We have beaches that frame spectacular sunsets, amazing mountains, temperate weather, and forests that promptly put humans in their place. But, did you know that, according to the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index, people in Utah had the highest levels of well-being? Other top scorers included Hawaii, Wyoming, Colorado, and Minnesota. On the other end of the spectrum, West Virginia was branded with the unfortunate title of being the unhappiest state in America. The researchers looked at six different areas when making their determinations—life evaluation, physical health, emotional health, healthy behavior, work environment, and basic access. The participants were asked a series of questions over the phone in a study that took over a year to complete. Are you satisfied or dissatisfied with your job? Do you have health insurance? Have you smiled or laughed today? I would agree that the answers to all of these questions may influence your level of happiness.

I am not implying that simply moving to a new location will improve your level of happiness. In order to achieve genuine self-love and a fulfilling life, you need to do the work that will remove the psychological burdens that hold you back. However, it is interesting to think about how the lifestyle, culture, and even weather of our chosen home can have an impact on our well-being. I encourage you to spend some time really looking at the place you live. Are there specific positives that foster your health, or negatives that must be overcome, in your neighborhood or town?

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Shayn Cutino

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Do You Look Forward to Mondays?

Welcome to what for most of us is the start of a new work week! Do you look forward to the possibilities that each new day brings? Or, does today find you experiencing what I have heard referred to as a “case of the Mondays”? If you are hitting the snooze button on your alarm clock multiple times, either because you are exhausted from a restless night or because the thought of experiencing yet another week of your life as it currently feels makes you want to hide under the covers, it is time for some focus on self and the determination that you are going to create a new daily path.

There are many obstacles that may be preventing you from embracing the potential that exists with each new turn of your weekly calendar. Perhaps you dread going to work because you are not confident in your skills at the office and worry that others are always judging you. Maybe you do not look forward to that first look in the mirror after you get out of the shower because you only see what you perceive as flaws. Are you dealing with guilt because you are not meeting someone else’s expectations concerning what you should be doing with your life? Imagine these emotional burdens being lifted from your daily experience. How differently would you greet Monday morning?

In my new book The Anja Technique, I address all of the primary obstacles that prevent us from experiencing self-love and greater confidence. Then, I take my readers through relaxation techniques and affirmation exercises that will remove these burdens from your daily thoughts for good. Even if you have been dealing with feelings of guilt, low self-esteem or jealousy since they took root in your childhood, you can enjoy a life free from these destructive emotions.

I hope you will try The Anja Technique and then please let me know how it worked for you.

It’s time to look forward to Mondays again!
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Shayn Cutino is back and here is her message for the day...

Smile and laugh often as these are the things that move energy in a path of growth. Give thanks for your efforts and your love in these critical times of change. Stay steady along your path. Seek qualities not outside of yourself but within, and in t...he seeking you will find love of self, joy in existence and peace of heart.
It is great to be back! Espavo.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

What Is Your Reason for Not Sleeping at Night?

Take a moment to glance over at the clock on your computer. What time is it as you are reading this article? Are you up in the middle of the night surfing through articles on the internet because you are unable to sleep? Have you arrived at this site after playing an hour of solitaire and watching sitcom reruns on cable? Maybe you are concerned about a loved one who is having difficulty getting a good night’s sleep. We need seven or eight hours of quality sleep every night and many areas of our life suffer when this does not happen. Our motor skills and reaction time are diminished, our work performance is hindered, and we likely face more moments of depression. I am sure we all can list the ways in which lack of sleep affects us specifically, but do you know the primary reasons that insomnia occurs in the first place?

One of the most basic reasons that people struggle with insomnia is that their lives are overbooked. Even when they finally manage to get themselves into bed, their minds are still running a mile a minute with thoughts of all of the tasks that must get done the next day. Hormones are also a problem for women in their attempts to get good rest at night. In fact, more than 70% of women complain of sleep problems during their menstrual cycle. This could be due to bloating, cramps, or mood disorders. In some instances, a sleep disorder such as sleep apnea, snoring, or restless leg syndrome may be to blame. Finally, a person who is suffering from depression has a much higher chance of finding it difficult to relax and sleep at night.

There are a variety of options available for someone who is looking for a way to resolve her problems with insomnia. In fact, there are entire clinics and a field of medicine dedicated only to sleep disorders. The pharmaceutical companies will be happy to recommend medicine that will help people get to sleep at night. Of course, let’s not forget mom’s favorite remedy of a glass of warm milk! If you haven’t found the solution that helps you sleep at night and feel refreshed when the alarm clock rings in the morning, I would like to suggest another option.

Hypnotheyrapy is a safe and proven method for alleviating many of the problems that may be holding you back in life, including insomnia. Through relaxation techniques and the unlocking of your unconscious mind, a trained therapist can discover the core reasons that you are not allowing yourself to rest and retrain your thought process to provide for true relaxation. Whether you are focused on an unpleasant point of stress, reliving nighttime difficulties that you had a child, or caught in a period of depression, hypnotherapy can remove the obstacle from your mind and you will sleep better. And, the improvements will be permanent. If you are tired (literally!) of walking around in a cloud of exhaustion every day and you know that your life could be more fulfilling if you could make insomnia a problem of the past, I hope you will consider clinical hypnotherapy as a possible prescription for your pain.

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Be Your Own “Happy Place”

Have you ever heard someone tell you to “go to your happy place”? This is often a recommendation we receive when we are dealing with a lot of stress or heartache. The point is to escape, as least in our minds, to a different environment in which we can experience peace and serenity. We are all unique individuals, so I am sure that everyone’s “happy place” is specific to their personalities. Some may envision a quiet beach at sunset with the surf rushing towards the shore. Others may prefer a seat behind home plate at Yankee Stadium during Game 7 of the World Series. Perhaps you transport to a huge amusement park with every roller coaster at your immediate disposal. What if you could make any situation a part of your “happy place” simply because you are there and happy with yourself.

Each of us has the ability to obtain a greater level of confidence and self-love that will allow us to be happy right where we are. To achieve this goal, we must first recognize what is preventing us from being able to enjoy true happiness. Maybe you already know the obstacles in your own mind. Are you struggling with jealousy related to a past relationship, a competitive sibling, or even a stranger? Was your self-esteem damaged in childhood by parents and other mentors who always told you that you were not good enough? Do you harbor guilt from some regrettable decisions that you made earlier in life? You can move forward from these emotional shackles.

In my new book The Anja Technique, I discuss the ten primary obstacles that prevent us from experiencing complete self-love and then guide you through relaxation techniques and affirmation exercises that will teach your brain to reject the thoughts that are holding you back. The obstacles, no matter how pervasive, can be removed for good!

I hope you will read The Anja Technique and listen to the CD, then begin your journey towards a happy place that is with you no matter where you are.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Creating a Toolbox for Your Life

Every profession comes with its own set of “tools of the trade.” If you are conducting a symphony orchestra, you need to have your music stand, baton, and score. If your job involves painting homes, you likely have ladders, brushes, and drop cloths. Most writers will tell you that their work cannot be completed without a reliable laptop, a comfortable chair, and the proper lighting. What about you? I am certain that you quickly can develop a list of tools that you need at your disposal to have a successful work day. What if you decided to take this same question further and extend it to your life in general? Are there specific tools that you need around you to ensure a happy existence? I would like to offer a few possibilities.

An important component of my toolbox is relationships with other people. Human beings are social creatures and, for the most part, crave interaction with our fellow travelers on this journey of life. In many ways, the conveniences of modern technology have hindered our personal relationships. Instead of talks over coffee and long phone conversations, we have text messages and emails. We increasingly spend time in front of our computers and television screens instead of talking over the fence with our neighbors. I suggest that we make a greater effort to include time with others in our toolbox.

We also need some items in that box that are personally stimulating to our senses and our intellect. Do you enjoy spending time sitting on the beach with a great book? Do you get a feeling of satisfaction when you knit a sweater? Perhaps you like the challenge of returning to school and taking some night classes simply for the pleasure of learning something new. Most of us, particularly women, seem to be pulled in so many directions on any given day. Make sure that you make yourself a priority and grab some tools that invigorate your soul. When you take the time to develop a skill or engage in a special talent, you are offering yourself an important sense of satisfaction. This is an important step in developing heightened self-esteem.

Perhaps more important than any other item we can carry in our toolbox of life, we need to be our own biggest fans and move forward with confidence in the marvelous creations we continue to become. That being said, I would like to suggest one more tool that I personally offer to those who are on a quest for greater happiness. In my new book, "The Anja Technique", I guide my readers through safe and effective relaxation techniques that will open the door to an increased sense of self-love. I tackle each of the main obstacles that stand in our way of true acceptance of self, such as guilt, self-doubt, and anger, and share affirmations that you can use to defeat these mental roadblocks.

I hope that you will take the opportunity to try "The Anja Technique" and see what a difference it can make in your life.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Music is an Important Accompaniment to Life

Music serves as background for so many moments in our life, both the important milestones and the everyday occurrences. Great lengths are taken to pick out the perfect song to serve as a lifetime reminder of a special school dance or your first moments together as a married couple. We grab a box of tissues and settle in for a good cry set to sad songs when we want to work through a painful end to a relationship. We turn up the fun beach music in our cars as we head down the freeway to our summer vacation. What would movies be like without a soundtrack or college football feel without a marching band? I value the emotional connections we all have to music of some sort, and therefore made it an important part of my new book.

In The Anja Technique, I teach my readers about the ten obstacles, usually originating in childhood, that prevent us from achieving the most fulfilling life possible. Problems like guilt, low self-esteem, and jealousy get wired into our brains and penetrate our thoughts about ourselves and others. My book then offers specific relaxation techniques and affirmations through which readers can remove these obstacles from their lives, all from the comfort and privacy of their own homes. Along with the book The Anja Technique, everyone receives a CD of music that was created to enhance the healing experience and provide greater focus to the exercises.

If you are searching for a way to find a greater sense of self-love and more happiness as you journey through this life, I hope you will consider The Anja Technique as a source of information and comfort for you. We all have the power to improve our own lives, and the steps are not as difficult as you may think.

Read the book, meditate along with the music, and then please let me know what The Anja Technique meant to you.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shayn Cutino's - Message of the Day

We have a choice in how we perceive everything we experience. If we choose to go into fear and grief, we will attract more of the same into out lives. But, if we choose to accept what is before us and react from faith, knowing that, even if we do not understand, there is divinity in all things, then we will find that in the midst of chaos, we can have peace. We can change our reality!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Time to Unpack Your Luggage"

The summer months usually bring the opportunity for a vacation to an exciting, or perhaps simply relaxing, destination. Have you made the annual visit to your parents who live on the other side of the country? Is there a particular beach house that you rent with your family every year with the same reliable crab shack being your dinner location of choice? Maybe this is the summer that you take your kids to experience Disney World for the first time. Whatever your plans may be, you likely made a list of the appropriate luggage to pack for your journey. And, if your car is headed in the direction of the cool air of the mountains, you probably don’t need to pack three pairs of flip-flops and your smallest bikini. You would be wasting space in your suitcase if you emptied these items out of your closet. What if we take this situation and replace the physical items with emotional ones? What are you carrying around in the luggage of your brain that is not necessary to move forward with your life?

We often hear the phrase “she’s got so much baggage.” We use those words to refer to a person who always seems to be dragged down with an emotional problem or proves incapable of getting along with others in a healthy relationship. Sometimes, we casually joke about baggage simply concerning a person we do not like. However, please know that old baggage is a very real problem and no laughing matter. There are ten primary obstacles that can develop during our childhood, including jealousy, self-esteem issues, guilt, and fear. The effects of these early problems will continue into our adulthood unless we take steps to remove their power. Would you like to get rid of some luggage that is weighing you down day after day?

If you are tired of doubting your worth or always comparing your shortcomings to the more admirable qualities in others, it is time to consider a new way to change your life. By unlocking the power of your unconscious mind, you can work through each piece of your luggage and toss the items that are no longer (or likely have never) worked for the betterment of your soul. Most of us go our entire lives without tapping into the complexities of our unconscious mind, the area of our brain that captures the early thoughts that are handed to us in our youth. When you open this part of our mind, you can retrain your thoughts to disregard the unpleasant falsehoods that others used to weight you down. You no longer will believe that you are not worthy or live with the unnecessary guilt that has prevented you from experiencing all of the richness around you.

Your unconscious mind can be reached through the simple and effective relaxation techniques that I share in my new book 'The Anja Technique'. You will learn how to address each of life’s obstacles in a specific manner and practice statements of validation that will build you up and render the old problems obsolete.

I hope you will try 'The Anja Technique' and start to unpack that baggage that does nothing but weigh you down from reaching true happiness in your life.

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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Shayn's Quote for Saturday August 1st

Everything that has happened in your life has had a purpose and a meaning, whether you judge it to be pain or joy. To accept what has happened is to acknowledge your path..your journey. You can make no wrong decision. They are simply choices with different experiences. Once you love and accept who you are, you can easily make a choice for something different. It is the nature of energy.