Wednesday, July 8, 2009

We All Need to Find a Way to Relax

I love the fact that each individual we meet as we walk through our daily lives is unique and precious. We all look different, have our own priorities in life, practice a variety of faiths that bring us comfort and strength, and contain a personal history that was written for no one else. As I get to know new clients, I enjoy learning what activities they choose for relaxation.

Some find that a day of shopping for great deals among the crowded malls is a great way to release tension. Others grab a romance novel and slide into a hot bubble bath in order to ease the stress of the day. Yes, there are also men and women who are convinced that jumping out of an airplane and skydiving to the earth is the greatest way of relaxing. My concern for those who seek my professional counsel begins when they tell me that cannot find any way to relax at all.

We all need to find some method through which we can reach a true state of relaxation. Only then are we able to focus our thoughts and really hear what our body, mind, and spirit need. And, as I mentioned above, there are many paths to this destination. Without the slowing of our hectic pace and the dedicated time just to focus on our needs, we will be no good to others. So, I ask you this question. What do you do to relax? How do you reconnect with yourself and take a break from all of your daily responsibilities? I certainly hope that you have an answer.

If you cannot relax, it is time for you to learn some skills that will change this unhealthy pattern. In my new book,
The Anja Technique, I guide my readers through five powerful steps to self-love that all involve key relaxation techniques. You will come to find yourself more connected with your own needs and enjoying a heightened level of confidence and empowerment that perhaps you have never felt before. I hope you will give The Anja Technique a try.

I would love to hear from you with any questions or feedback!

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