Sunday, July 26, 2009

Crossing the Line from Self-Improvement to Self-Criticism

There certainly are times during which we need to take an honest look at ourselves and make an honest assessment of our need for self-improvement. Am I the caring parent, child, spouse, friend that I want to be? What additional steps could I be taking to improve my chances of professional success? Am I taking care of my physical self through regular exercise and a well-balanced diet, or am I making decisions which harm my body? We are constantly evolving creatures, so we should be looking for new ways to grow and improve. However, we need to be careful of indulging in the dangerous practice of self-criticism. If you are standing in front of the mirror every morning pointing out every one of your flaws, both visible and unseen, you are dealing with an obstacle that is preventing from a complete and fulfilled life.

The negative thoughts and emotions that plague our minds are based in
the unconscious mind and usually develop in childhood. If you were raised by someone who constantly made you aware of your shortcomings or perhaps simply did not offer positive reinforcement, the seeds of self-criticism likely were planted in you. You grew into an adult with criticism being your only known method of communication, probably both for yourself and concerning the way you treat others. Wouldn’t life be so much more enjoyable if you were able to focus on what makes you wonderful and beautifully unique?

Your unconscious mind can be rewired to remove the power that negative thoughts have on your everyday happiness. Obstacles such as self-criticism, which have affected your level of confidence for as long as you can remember, can be destroyed. In my new book,
The Anja Technique, I teach my readers simple and safe relaxation techniques that will remove those old blocks and bring you to new levels of confidence and self-love. You will learn how these obstacles developed in the first place and practice specific affirmations that will make you realize how worthy you are of love.

I hope you will read
The Anja Technique and then let me know what its content meant to you.

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Good one on Self Improvement and it helps a lot.

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