Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Make the Most Important Approval Your Own

From a very young age, we expend a great deal of energy trying to earn the validation of the people in our lives. Research completed by child psychologists and educators shows that the youngest of infants show signs of confusion and despondence when their moms are not thrilled by every adorable smile or appeal for attention. As we go through school, peer pressure and the need for teachers’ approval affect plenty of our decisions for the better or worse. When it comes to pursuing romantic relationships, we sometimes allow ourselves to hide part of our personalities or worry about whether or not every little flaw will be magnified by the person whose heart we desire. Allow me to suggest a novel concept to you. What if the person whose validation you craved the most was your own? Did you know if you truly love yourself and carry a genuine sense of self-confidence, the rest of the world will follow?

You likely have heard the assertion that the first four years of a child’s life are the most critical in terms of brain development and this is not just valid for intellectual growth. There are ten primary obstacles that stand in your way of achieving the self-love and more fulfilling life that you deserve, including negative thoughts, resentment, and fear. These emotional barriers took root early in your childhood and have contributed to the thought processes in your brain ever since then. However, you need to know that it is possible to break down these obstacles and make them irrelevant in your life. You actually can retrain the way that your own brain works through plugging into your unconscious mind. What is the best part of this news? This reworking of your mindset can be achieved through safe and straightforward relaxation techniques that will affirm you and generate a beautiful love of self.

If you make the decision to take charge of your own happiness, what can you expect your newfound self-love to look like? It is not an inflated ego that leaves you unable to recognize your own needs for further improvement. It does not come with a need to ignore the desires and needs of others in order to focus on your own well-being. Instead, self-love is an acknowledgement of the outside influences that are impacting your life and making the decision not to give them more value than they are worth. It is the recognition that all of us face obstacles in our way of thinking and we deserve to own the skills that will allow us to navigate through them. We are all wonderfully flawed humans who deserve to present ourselves as precious individuals. That is the embodiment of self-love. Sounds like a pretty great concept to me.

If you want to learn more about the obstacles that are preventing you from living the best life possible and how you can take steps to defeat them, I hope you will consider reading my new book The Anja Technique. Through basic relaxation techniques and the personal affirmations that I share in my book, you will overcome negative thinking and find a greater love than you have ever known … your own.

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