Friday, June 26, 2009

Who is your best friend?

Chloe and Otis hanging - waiting for the doorbell to ring and keeping the
house under guard. Aren't you scared?

This is my little Pom Chloe who is 2.5 pounds. She is our spoiled baby. I
went out and bought her a stroller so I could take her for walks around the
block and she loves it! It is hilarious because the neighbors think I am
walking a baby....not a dog.

Oh Otis. Looks like he thinks he has been a bad boy.

Coping with Grief

There have been several high-profile deaths just this week that have dominated the television news coverage and received a seemingly endless amount of written coverage on the internet and entertainment publications. First, we learned of the passing of Ed McMahon, who is undoubtedly the most famous sidekick in history. He provided an essential accompaniment to Johnny Carson for more than thirty years, and his impact on our popular culture is undeniable. Then, we received the shocking news of the deaths of both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson in the same day. Particularly in the case of Michael Jackson, whose passing was so unexpected, we quickly witnessed an outpouring of emotion and grief from around the globe. These losses to our greater society made me reflect on how we deal with grief when the person we lose is someone with whom we have a much more personal relationship. Yes, we may make a passing comment about Michael Jackson such as, “It’s so sad. He was an amazing talent” or “I feel as if a part of my childhood has passed with him.” However, when we are grieving the loss of a parent, spouse, or child, the pain is usually more intense and longer lasting.

There are plenty of recommendations given by
well-trained professionals concerning how to deal with the grieving process. You need to surround yourself with caring people, such as family and friends who understand the specific relationship you are mourning or perhaps a support group of people who are sharing a similar experience. You must continue to pay attention to your physical health.

Make sure that you are eating well, getting plenty of sleep (but not too much), and exercising on a regular basis. If your physical self is in shape, your mind and spirit can heal faster as well. Always remember to be patient with your feelings. Do not rush yourself to get over the loss of a loved one in weeks or even months. Be present with each emotion that grips you and try to work through it naturally. There is no time table for lessening the sense of sadness and grief.

Concerning this last point of embracing your emotions, know that you will need to spend some time with yourself to work through grief. People in pain are often tempted to stay as busy as possible to avoid those quiet moments of self-reflection. However, please know that those times when we allow ourselves to focus inward can be incredibly healing if done so with purpose and an open spirit. One method through which this process can be accomplished is the
relaxation techniques that come with hypnosis. When you embark on such a journey, your unconscious mind will be opened and you soon will be able to retrain your thought processes so that you are not bogged down by the heavy burden of depression and pain. You will reach a point at which a loved one’s death is able to become a celebration of an amazing life instead of a painful episode that must be internalized and left to dampen the quality of your own continuing existence. Make the choice to live your life to the fullest! You owe this to the loved one who still means so much to you.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Divorce is Always Difficult, but Happiness is Possible

There is no doubt that coping with the difficult process of divorce is one of the most emotionally taxing experiences a person can endure. Even when the split happens under the best possible circumstances for both partners, the transition is never easy. There are feelings of resentment, sadness, and loneliness as well as the more practical issues of splitting finances, relocating, and making sure your children are secure and loved. At the beginning, each day can be a struggle just in your efforts to breathe, eat, and sleep. How can you eventually move forward and build a life that is grounded in confidence and self-love?

Most divorce books and websites stress the importance of taking care of yourself during this difficult time. Making sure that you are eating regularly and well, that you are plugged in with a good support group of family and friends, and that you are managing to get a good night of sleep as often as possible. Along with these important pieces, you must include some time that you can devote to focusing on yourself and quietly learning from your unconscious mind what your mind, body, and soul will need to be nourished and heal.

In my new book The Anja Technique, I guide my readers through a series of relaxation techniques that will help you find a renewed sense of self-esteem and personal strength. I believe that the simple exercises will guide you as you navigate through this difficult experience. I am not implying that recovery from divorce is as easy as reading a book. I know that’s far from true. But, please consider The Anja Technique a tool in your box as you make that progress towards more happiness every day.
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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Read what people are saying about The Anja Technique: The Art of Self Love

The Anja Technique: The Art of Self Love, February 10, 2009
K. E. Reed (Northern California) - I love this book! At a time when everyone seems to be espousing gloom and doom, it's so refreshing to read a book that promotes comfort and joy! The Anja Technique reminds us that self love is all that's needed to propel us through life's challenges. And, when even the most joyful are tempted to succumb to emotional obstacles, The Anja Technique also provides the techniques to face those emotional challenges head on through loving and caring mantras. This is a beautiful book that has nourished my soul. I will read it again and again for the pure delight it offers.
Kathi Reed Brentwood, CA

C. Dutra "Carma's Window" - For most of us it is difficult to love our selves. We are taught at a young age to be kind and love others and not put ourselves and needs first at the risk of appearing selfish. We place standards on ourselves that no one can measure up to and create self-defeating behaviors. In other words, we become our own worst enemy. The Anja Tehcnique by Shayn Cutino teaches The Art of Self Love and dispels the notion that self-love is selfishness. Shayn Cutino shares first hand knowledge of how lack of self-love can send a person out of control in a downward spiral through out life. Although surrounded by an abundance of love from parents, extended family and friends, she reached a point in life where she felt disconnected. Her inferiority barred her from finding love that resided within herself. Over a period of years of working in private practice and helping clients bust the chains of self-hate is where Shayn developed The Anja Technique. It is Shayn's personal life experience,talent, education in hypnosis and clinical therapy and healing that allow her to pass on her knowledge and procedures on how to begin loving yourself. Shayn says over half the thoughts that flash through our minds daily are negative. So is it any wonder there is so much rage in the world? The first step of The Anja Technique is to "still the mind" and let your self connect to your divine source. Before reaching that first step, let Shayn prepare and show you how to tear down obstacles such as guilt, anger, fear, among others, that prevent all of us from reaching The Art of Self Love. In addition, The Art of Self-Love steps are incorporated onto a CD so you can experience the calming effect of Shayn Cutino's voice whenever you need it. The Anja Technique is a gentle process developed to restore your self-esteem and become a more productive person in your life.

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Keeping Calm in Troubling Economic Times

The current economic recession has affected nearly every person in this country, some more directly than others. The country’s unemployment rate currently stands at 9.4%, with analysts arguing daily on the 24-hour news networks whether this number might pass the even scarier 10% mark. Some cities and regions of our nation are already struggling with a much greater percentage of the population that is out of work. These painful statistics represent much more than a difficulty in keeping up with the monthly bills. The stress and arguments associated with finances are placing more marriages in jeopardy. High school students are reevaluating their dreams for furthering their education at a top-tier, expensive college. Business owners put their heads on their pillows at night thinking about how they are going to explain to the loyal employee with four kids at home that there is no longer a job for him. Tough economic times have serious effects on us not only financially, but also physically and psychologically. You really could not blame our entire country if we fell into a collective depression together! However, we know that this attitude is not going to improve the situation. What, then, can we do as individuals to make our lives better both on a daily basis and over time?

Breathe. The answer starts with an idea that simple. I know this suggestion may at first seem ridiculous when there are so many pressures and doubts that are swirling through your head morning, noon, and night. But, learning how to breathe correctly and allowing yourself to reach a deeper level of relaxation will promote a perspective that you may never have experienced before. I have read news stories about some of the other approaches that people are taking in relieving themselves from the negative influence of the poor economy. Alcohol sales are up, lottery ticket sales have increased, and even department store counters are reporting more sales of perfume. We are looking for a variety of outlets either to numb our emotions or make ourselves feel better. Why not consider an approach that heightens our self-awareness and has a much smaller impact on an already stretched budget? Just breathe.

Through the safe and effective practice of clinical hypnotherapy, you can learn some important relaxation techniques that will open your unconscious mind to act as a great healing agent. You will be able to recognize the key sources of the tension in your life, be they the monthly bills or the growing number of pink slips in your office or the strained conversations with your spouse, and teach your mind to rethink its approach to the situation. You really can learn to relax and take each challenge of life as it comes. Can you imagine that, even in these difficult times, you can greatly reduce the level of anxiety that is currently keeping you awake at night and preventing you from functioning during the day?
My entire professional life has been devoted to teaching others how to enhance their lives and achieve positive health. I truly enjoy working with people and I know hypnosis can work for you. Please consider this option and find peace and happiness in your life no matter what circumstances may come.
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happiness is Contagious

Despite the popular 1960s song by Simon and Garfunkel which proclaimed, “I am a rock, I am an island,” this sense of isolation is neither the natural nor the desired state for human beings. In fact, it’s just the opposite. We crave social interaction and the approval of those around us. We often choose our words and actions carefully, as we know that the attitude we transmit affects the opinion that other people will develop about us. However, do you realize the extent to which your decision to be happy can have a ripple effect on even those who are tangentially in your circle of acquaintances?

I recently read an article on the CNN website describing research first published in the British Medical Journal that I found to be quite stunning. When you exude happiness, that feeling can spread in your social network up to three degrees of separation. Every time you offer a warm smile to a friend, you may be increasing the happiness of someone you have never even met! That is a powerful concept to accept. Daniel Gilbert, professor of psychology at Harvard University and author of Stumbling on Happiness, said of the study that, "We've known for some time that social relationships are the best predictor of human happiness, and this paper shows that the effect is much more powerful than anyone realized." The study showed that the impact can also be felt among people who are trying to lose weight or quit smoking.

When you make the choice to love yourself and embrace happiness, you are improving the quality of your life and, consciously or not, helping others do the same. But, what if you just do not know how to get happy? What if it has been years since you could truly say that you love yourself? What if you have never been able to say those precious words? In my new book, The Anja Technique: The Art of Self-Love, I will guide you through relaxation techniques that will clear your mind and remove old blocks that prevent you from experiencing a complete love of self. I hope you will read my book along with listening to the relaxation CD that comes along with the book and then start to share your happiness with others!
You will be glad you did!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Open Your Minds … and Your Lungs! … to the Idea of Hypnosis

Smoking cigarettes used to be viewed as a glamorous activity that was essential at social functions. Perhaps some of you remember, or at least have seen, the live commercial spots that would run during prime-time television programming when cigarette companies sponsored our favorite shows. The dashing leading men on the big screen always had a cigarette in hand when they flirted with an attractive woman or confronted their evil nemesis. Hollywood celebrities would be photographed for the cover of magazines while deeply inhaling their favorite brand of smokes. All of these images worked to convince us that cigarettes were an essential accessory to success, beauty, and wealth. Now, of course, we have the scientific research to know differently. When you allow nicotine and tar into your lungs and bloodstream, you are increasing your chances of cancer, heart disease, a weakened immune system, decreased physical endurance, and harm to others around you. In fact, tobacco use is responsible for thirty percent of all cancer deaths. There is no upside to being a smoker.

Even when armed with the knowledge of the negative effects of smoking, I know that it is terribly difficult for an addict to quit the habit. Cigarettes quickly create one of the strongest
physical and psychological dependencies from their users. And, as anti-smoking campaigns have increased their efforts over the last generation, tobacco companies have actually increased the amount of nicotine in cigarette smoke to keep you tied to their product. Did you know that nicotine, and the multitude of carcinogenic toxins it contains, reaches your brain within ten seconds of taking that first puff? The brain then releases dopamine, which gives the smoker a euphoric sensation. With this high lasting no more than thirty minutes, the continuous need for more nicotine means that an addict is quickly born.

Most people who are addicted to cigarettes want to stop smoking, but haven’t found a method that works for them. Going
“cold turkey” is great, but can be nearly impossible without the essential support and accountability that is required. Nicotine replacement may work for some, but you still are not releasing yourself from the need to rely on a foreign substance to keep your body and mind happy. Others cut back their daily tobacco use or limit smoking to certain occasions. However, the deadly chemicals are still being absorbed into their body, just to a lesser degree.

I would like to suggest hypnosis to anyone who is struggling with an addiction to cigarettes. With a trained hypnotherapist, you will learn relaxation techniques that will open the unconscious mind. You then will imagine yourself as a non-smoker, and your unconscious mind will accept this vision as truth. It is that simple! You are not put into a trance or any type of comatose state.
Hypnosis is safe and effective and has proven results not just in smoking cessation, but also concerning weight loss, anger issues, and a variety of other barriers to a better quality of life. There is a great deal of research available on the treatment of addictions with hypnosis. I hope you will take the time to learn about the techniques and then give them a try in your own life. Your health and happiness depend on it.

You might want to purchase the CD "Smoking Cessation -Break the Chain" created by Shayn Cutino. Listen to a sample of the CD at

Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Brings Unique Sources of Doubt and Anger

Each season brings its own opportunity for women to experience feelings of self-doubt and sadness. Spring is a beautiful time for renewal, but what if you feel stuck in the same rut? Winter brings those holidays which may include time with family that conjures up painful feelings from childhood or maybe some lonely nights when it seems the rest of the world is out celebrating. As summer approaches and the heat steps up here in California, I am reminded of some other issues through which I have helped my clients navigate.

Body image is a major issue for women this time of year. We are all wearing less in an effort to stay cool and every exposed flaw is under daily scrutiny in front of our bedroom mirrors. You don’t need an expert to tell you that
self-image is one of the biggest obstacles that women face in working towards a happy life. Higher temperatures also have a tendency to promote angry tempers. We are more easily irritated with ourselves and other when the air conditioners and even the coldest of swimming pools are not enough to keep us calm. If you know that the summer tends to bring heightened dislike of our physical self and screaming outbursts over the smallest annoyances, are there steps you can take now to preempt these unpleasant emotions? Absolutely.

There are
simple relaxation techniques you can learn that will release your mind from negative thoughts and instead reveal a whole new life that is waiting for you. When you are filled with self-love and inner beauty, you will be amazed at how different every day will be. Through my new book, The Anja Technique that comes along with a CD, you can seek and find this new life from the comfort of your home. Make this summer the one that is finally filled with sun, warmth, and peace.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Anger Affects the Mind, Body, and Soul

You can feel your blood pressure rising when someone cuts you off in traffic. You lie awake at night thinking about all of the ways a particular co-worker has ruined your chances for a promotion. You cannot forgive your parents for the cruel words that were repeatedly spoken to you as a child. It seems like very little is needed to set off your temper or bring feelings of resentment to the surface. If these sentiments sound familiar, then you are obviously living with a great deal of anger and I imagine that this strong emotion is having a negative impact on your life. While anger certainly is a normal human reaction and completely repressing such honest expression is unhealthy for your mental and physical health, allowing anger to dominate your existence can be even more dangerous.

How can anger translate into physical problems? A study performed at Berkeley found that forty percent of people who experienced a stroke had felt angry or been through an upsetting event within two hours before the life-threatening moment. Another study, this one done at the University of Ohio, discovered that men and women who have trouble controlling their anger take longer to heal from even the most minor of wounds. Research completed at Yale University concluded that anger can trigger potentially deadly heart rhythms. There are countless other examples of ways in which anger manifests itself physically. Teeth clenching, rashes, indigestion, severe headaches and many other maladies all can be triggered by episodes of unchecked anger. I imagine that if you suffer from anger issues, you can add to this list based on your own experiences.

Beyond compromising your physical health, which should never be minimized, chronic or cyclical anger also decreases the quality of your day-to-day life. People who are focused on the problems and pain in their lives cannot open the door to the wonderful alternative of happiness and a peace of mind. Instead of noticing the opportunities for joy, those who live in anger are left needing to find ways that they can numb the painful feelings through drinking, drug use, or overeating. Depression, eating disorders, and insomnia are also common side effects of those who have not found productive ways to deal with their uncontrolled anger. This is no way to be living your life!

Are you ready to release yourself from the anger that currently controls you and find a new way to live? You need to know that a new and enlightened existence awaits you, and it is easier to achieve than you may think. Clinical hypnotherapy is a safe and effective method for pinpointing the true source of your anger and breaking the powerful cycle that it has over the quality of your life. With a trained professional, you can learn relaxation techniques that will unlock your unconscious mind and retrain your thought patterns so that anger no longer rules how you choose to respond to a situation. You finally will experience true love for yourself and the forgiveness and processing mechanisms that will allow you to love others. Choose to take this first move in a journey that will allow you to embrace each day instead of fighting at every step.

Contact me and see what program might help your anger issues and learn to relax.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Get Some Rest Tonight

I have a couple of questions for you. Have you become more familiar with the 3:00am infomercials on television that you ever could have imagined? The Snuggie is an amazing invention and I am sure we could all use a device that allows us to grow our tomato plants upside down, but I don’t think that staring at those products on a flickering is the best way to spend our nighttime hours. Do you find yourself checking the time on your alarm clock every few minutes and calculating how much time is left before you need to get up? If you have trouble sleeping, you probably have tried multiple remedies to get some rest, from hot tea to bubble baths to medications. Let me introduce you to another option that I believe will finally provide the precious sleep that your body and mind need.

In general, healthy adults need eight hours of sleep in order to feel refreshed and be the most productive the following day. This number may vary a bit depending on each individual’s make-up, and you know best when your body feels adequately rested. When you do not spend enough of your life in peaceful slumber, you can experience fatigue, difficulty concentrating, a greater likelihood for accidents and other health problems. With these serious consequences in mind, isn’t it imperative that you make your sleep success as high a priority as any other health issue you may be facing?

A clinical hypnotherapist can work with you to practice some relaxation techniques that will unlock your unconscious mind. With the new knowledge and insight that will be gained, you can discover the root cause of your sleeplessness. Are you anxious about an upcoming event or troubled relationship? Do you have some unresolved pain from your past? Do you need to change some direction in your life? You then can disconnect these barriers and prepare yourself for a wonderful night of relaxation!

In my new book The Anja Technique, The Art of Self Love, which comes along with a relaxation CD, I teach my readers several ways that they can achieve deep relaxation and enjoy a better quality of life … from the comfort of their own homes!
Or maybe purchase my CD "Conquer Insomnia"
I hope you will allow my book to guide you to greater peace and then let me know how The Anja Technique worked for you.