Friday, July 17, 2009

The Obstacle of Jealousy

How many of you were required to take part in some sort of obstacle course as a requirement for gym class or during a very special day at summer camp? You jumped in and out of a series of rubber tires, scaled a brick wall with a flimsy rope, and completed the endurance test with a crawl through some sort of tunnel. I am sure there are many of us with such moments, pleasant or not, filed in our childhood memories. Beyond the physically obvious, however, there are other obstacles that we may find ourselves trying to conquer throughout our lives. In my book The Anja Technique, I share insights into the destructive power of obstacles such as fear, guilt, and resentment and how you can use relaxation exercises and affirmations to reverse their impact on your life. There is one obstacle that is particularly powerful and has the capability of activating other life obstacles that I cover in my book—jealousy.

The feelings of
jealousy that you may be experiencing as an adult likely have their root in events that took place when you were a child. If you were abandoned when you were very young or you lived with a parent who was emotionally distant, you likely will be prone to the dangerous grip of jealousy later in life. You may find yourself needing assistance breaking free from the chains of jealous behavior that are founded in selfishness and insecurity, which you developed because your self-confidence was not nurtured when you were young. If you truly can develop love for yourself, you will find that you do not envy the way that other people look, the relationships they enjoy, or the possessions they own.

The Anja Technique, I share detailed information concerning all ten of the primary obstacles that may be preventing you from living a happier, more fulfilling life. I also provide specific and effective ways of teaching your subconscious mind to change the power that such obstacles are allowed to have over your well-being. If you know that you are not living a life of love and self-acceptance and you want a fresh start, I hope you will consider my book which comes with a relaxation CD as a tool on that journey.

I hope you enjoy and get to where you want to be.

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