Friday, February 27, 2009

Greetings From Mt Shasta!

Greetings from Mount Shasta! I spent my birthday weekend up in Lemurian Country and it couldn't have been more inspiring. The shops, the energy, the beauty were truly amazing! As Spirit walks with me today, I remember to give thanks for allowing me to touch the hearts of many through "The Anja Technique" and helping them re-member who they really are ~ love incarnate.

On March 6th please join me for a podcast interview with Yvonne Perry from Writers in the Sky. She will be discussing my newest release "The Anja Technique ~ the art of self love".

In the spirit of love ~ espavo.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Love Is!

We measure our global sense of both space (latitude and longitude) and time (universal time - UT or GMT) from the prime meridian located at Greenwich, England. So we can perceive the collective influence of this momentous astrological event by looking at the alignment from this globally 'centered' perspective.

When we do something extraordinary and exquisite emerges At dawn on 14th February the day dedicated to St Valentine, the patron saint of Love, the Moon in Libra enters the seventh house of relationships. And Jupiter and Mars are aligned in Aquarius in the twelfth house of spiritual transformation.

Forty years ago, the intuitive words of a song called Aquarius,
brought the dawning of the new age into our collective awareness:

When the Moon is in the seventh house

and Jupiter aligns with Mars.

Then peace will guide the planets

and love will steer the stars

At dawn on 14th February the Cosmos actually embodies this perfect alignment to support our collective manifestation of love and peace and dawning of the Age of Aquarius.

The Aquarian chart of 14th February reveals an incredible concentration of cosmic influences blending with the energies of Aquarius in the twelfth house. Expansive Jupiter and energetic Mars are aligned with the higher purpose of the North Node. The presence of Chiron the wounded healer offers us the opportunity to heal the schisms that have separated us for so long.
Neptune emphasizes collective humanitarian movements and the co-creation of social justice. And the presence of the radiant Sun enlightens the entire alignment.

Mercury also in the twelfth house but just beyond the cusp in Capricorn, allies with transformational Pluto to communicate and anchor the Shift throughout our global structures and institutions.

The Moon in Libra in the seventh house emphasizes harmonious real -ationships.
Venus in Aries in the first house energizes and empowers dynamic co-creativity.
And whilst Saturn the great task master in opposition to Uranus the unexpected awakener is suggesting an ongoing confrontation as the dregs of the unsustainable old paradigm reluctantly give way to the untested hope of the new, their placements in Virgo and Pisces brings practical altruism and visionary inspiration to the transition.

At 7.25am on 14th February - and for the 18 minutes of the alignment, I invite you, in the universal heart, to add your own intention for love and peace and to co-create the dawning of the Age of Aquarius to that of the Cosmos. In whatever way feels appropriate for you, you may choose to align with7.25am (UT) or 7.25am your own local time energizing a wave of intention
that will surge around the Earth.


Friday, February 6, 2009

Riding the Winds of Change

You are creating your change so whatever you want your future to be realize now that you are the creator of your future. We are in times that are "uncomfortable" and this is making some of us very nervous, worried and even scared. Stand fully in your truth and in your power. Live each day to its fullest and laugh at every opportunity you are given to do so. Riding the winds of change is easy when you do your most for the best of humanity.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Shayn and Congressman McNearney

Shayn Cutino and Congressman McNearney at the Brentwood Chamber of Commerce installation dinner in January 2009.

Shayn is about to start her position of incoming President Elect for the 2009.