Friday, July 31, 2009

Start the Healing Process from the Comfort of Your Own Home

It is not unusual to have a certain level of apprehension when you are considering any new step forward in your life. Some people get anxious when they enter an aerobics studio for the first time and wonder if they should hide in the back of the class so no one notices when they cannot follow the steps. Others find that visiting the dentist after a voluntary absence of years is a terrifying prospect that may involve drills, needles, and plenty of promises to themselves that proper teeth care will be a bigger priority in the future. Along these same lines, making the choice to meet with a professional with the intention of improving one’s emotional or psychological state can be overwhelming. What if I have to discuss topics from my past that make me uncomfortable? Will I get frustrated if I do not feel better quickly? How do therapy and the related treatments affect my brain functions?

If you know that you could be experiencing a happier life, but you are hesitant to make that first phone call to a professional therapist or counselor, why not start the process of improving yourself in the comfort of your own home? In my new book The Anja Technique, I guide my readers through several relaxation techniques and affirmation exercises that will safely and effectively remove the psychological obstacles in their lives. Whether you are plagued by jealousy, self-esteem issues, guilt, or a variety of other roadblocks to your happiness, The Anja Technique will work for you. I also explain the root of these issues so that you can identify the core problems and release yourself from their grips. The book also comes with a companion CD that will gently guide you through the process.

I hope you will consider reading The Anja Technique and discovering the difference it can make in your life. There is a more fulfilling, confident life waiting for you and you have the power to make it happen. I look forward to hearing from you and learning how The Anja Technique worked for you.

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