Monday, July 6, 2009

Low Self-Esteem Starts Early and Can Quickly Become a Dominant Player in Your Life

There is one overwhelming problem that, if it exists within our minds and controls our everyday thoughts, will spill over into all aspects of our life. We will find ourselves unable to sustain a healthy relationship. We will not be as successful as we could be at work. We will shy away from all of the amazing new experiences that await us as we travel through this world. I am referring to the status of our self-esteem. To be sure, we have all been through stages in our life when we were not feeling as confident about ourselves as we would like. It is only natural that certain events or transitions will make you a bit uncomfortable in your own skin. However, you should be concerned about the status of your self-esteem when feeling poorly about yourself simply becomes an accepted way of life. When you are doing everything you can to blend into the background and remain unnoticed because you deem yourself unworthy of positive attention, you end up creating a self-imposed isolation that inevitably will leave you feeling helpless and hopeless. This is no way to live. Please know that you have the power within yourself to make your self-esteem a mark of pride, not of embarrassment.

More often than not, low self-esteem is developed in childhood. If you receive negative messages about your own worth from parents, siblings, teachers, peers, coaches, or other influential people in your young life, those words can become ingrained in your psyche. These negative interactions can be as simple as not receiving enough encouragement or affirmation from your early role models to being as egregious as outright physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Unless steps are taken to remedy the damage done to your self-esteem as a child, these attacks perpetrated on your spirit will manifest themselves in dangerous ways once you become an adult. Lack of self-esteem is nearly always a contributing factor in cases of sexual promiscuity, addictions, social anxiety, and the compulsive desire to please. If you are suffering from low self-esteem, I know that none of this information comes as a surprise to you.

With there being no doubt that self-esteem is a huge roadblock to your true enjoyment of life and all of its blessings, what can you do to release yourself from its bondage and realize a sense of confidence that previously seemed impossible? I would like to suggest that hypnotherapy has the potential to change your opinion of yourself and remove the power that those who affected your childhood have held over you for so long. With the assistance of a trained hypnotherapist, you can retrain your unconscious mind to ignore the hurtful words and actions that have been pushed on you throughout your life. Can you imagine the freedom of that shift in your thinking? You will no longer believe that you are not smart, not attractive, and not worthy. Instead, that old way of thinking will be cast aside and a new person will emerge who is ready to embrace whatever life has to offer.

Does this sound good to you?

If so, I hope you will decide to learn more about the safe and effective tool of hypnosis and what it can do for you.

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Really motivational and thought provoking post. Following the steps can surely improve our lives. Thanks for sharing such good thoughts.

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Thank you for the comment. I will be sharing many more helpful tips
to help get people through these hard times.

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