Friday, May 8, 2009

Smoking Addiction Becomes More Expensive

For those of you who have suffered under the power of addiction, you know that its grips can be difficult to break. Whether you are beholden to food, gambling, alcohol, shopping or any of a variety of other captors, the unwanted relationship can affect the ability for overall happiness in life. In addition to the important emotional consequences, personal addictions often come with a financial toll as well. One current example is the impact that cigarette smoking is having on a worker’s health insurance. The trend for state governments to increase insurance costs on their employees who are smokers as a way of offsetting the increased liability has some people more eager to break the habit. Combine this cost hike with the new taxes on cigarettes that have been implemented by those in Washington, D.C. and the cigarette addiction suddenly becomes much more expensive.

Have you tried and failed repeatedly in your attempts to stop smoking? Is that promise to yourself part of a New Year’s resolution every January, only to be broken by Valentine’s Day? Are the words “cold turkey,” “Nicorette,” and “the patch” all now part of your vocabulary? It is time to stop the cycle of unsuccessful treatments and make today the day that you focus on a real solution.

I am a therapist with a background in hypnotherapy and natural healing, and I want to help you quit smoking. I believe that your subconscious mind is one of the most powerful tools that you own in achieving this goal, and I can work with you to unlock its potential. I encourage you to listen to the free sample of my CD “Smoking Cessation – Break the Chain” and then decide if my method is right for you. The ability to start a new life lies within you. Allow me to share my expertise and start you on the right path.
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