Sunday, May 17, 2009

Self-Doubt Does Not Need to Paralyze You for One More Day

Perhaps one of the most paralyzing emotions that we allow to plague us is self-doubt. We do not want to accept a promotion because we do not think we are intelligent or talented enough to handle the new responsibilities. We shy away from a potential romantic partner because surely that person could not really like us for who we are. We live every day unfulfilled and wishing for more joy but not quite feeling as if we deserve such happiness. If any of these scenarios rings true with you, please know that life does not have to be this way.

Self-doubt can stem from a variety of different episodes in our lives. You may have had a parent who was constantly telling you that you are not good enough. Maybe a spouse made you feel inadequate or unworthy of love. Whatever the root issue may be, there is a way to discover the problem and remove its power from our lives. Clinical hypnotherapy is a safe and effective method for opening your unconscious mind and retraining your thoughts in a way that encourages self-acceptance and self-love. In case no one has ever told you this before, let me be the first—you deserve to be loved! The best place to start experiencing this emotion is within our own selves.

I want you to learn the skills that will enable you to erase self-doubt from your mind and soul. In my new book, The Anja Technique, I guide my readers through a series of relaxation exercises that will lead you to remove the emotional blockades in your life. The book is accompanied by a CD that will provide a soothing background through each step in the process. I hope you will try The Anja Technique as a way of relieving your self-doubt, panic attacks, depression, or any other issue that restricts your life. Today is the day to start on the path to greater serenity and peace!

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