Sunday, May 17, 2009

Breaking Through the Misconceptions of Hypnotherapy

I am often contacted by potential clients who are interested in my services, but are somewhat hesitant about the idea of hypnotherapy. The misconception is that this practice is not one that is typically embraced by Western medicine and has the unfair label of being a fringe New Age movement. While hypnotherapy certainly challenges some traditional notions of medicine, its positive results are proven and can be life-changing. In fact, hypnotherapy is an increasingly common practice at dental visits, during the labor and delivery process, and for any doctor who is treating patients with long-term illnesses. If you are struggling with chronic pain, depression, addictions, eating disorders, stress, or any other physical or emotional ailment that is diminishing the quality of life, you should consider that perhaps hypnotherapy is the right path for you.

When you visit a hypnotherapist, you will learn a series of relaxation techniques that will allow you to focus on certain memories and the physical and/or emotional connections that you have with that event. Through regular work with your therapist, you will learn to dissociate the unwanted reactions with the original memory and allow yourself a new and improved outlook on life.

If your reason for visiting a hypnotherapist is to break an addiction to smoking or food, your therapist can help you to create new conditioned responses and visualize life without the bondage of your addiction. A study published in 2007 in Science Daily shows that patients who used hypnotherapy to quit smoking were more likely to be non-smokers six months later than those who tried nicotine replacement therapy or stopping “cold turkey.” Hypnotherapy does work!
I know that hypnotherapy is surrounded by many misconceptions and unfair labels. I would love the opportunity to discuss the practice with you in detail and show you how hypnotherapy can help with your specific struggles. Please visit my website or contact me directly and let’s see if we can partner together in creating a better life for you. If you know that there is a method out there that can make each day more positive and filled with love, why wait another day?

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