Thursday, August 13, 2009

Creating a Toolbox for Your Life

Every profession comes with its own set of “tools of the trade.” If you are conducting a symphony orchestra, you need to have your music stand, baton, and score. If your job involves painting homes, you likely have ladders, brushes, and drop cloths. Most writers will tell you that their work cannot be completed without a reliable laptop, a comfortable chair, and the proper lighting. What about you? I am certain that you quickly can develop a list of tools that you need at your disposal to have a successful work day. What if you decided to take this same question further and extend it to your life in general? Are there specific tools that you need around you to ensure a happy existence? I would like to offer a few possibilities.

An important component of my toolbox is relationships with other people. Human beings are social creatures and, for the most part, crave interaction with our fellow travelers on this journey of life. In many ways, the conveniences of modern technology have hindered our personal relationships. Instead of talks over coffee and long phone conversations, we have text messages and emails. We increasingly spend time in front of our computers and television screens instead of talking over the fence with our neighbors. I suggest that we make a greater effort to include time with others in our toolbox.

We also need some items in that box that are personally stimulating to our senses and our intellect. Do you enjoy spending time sitting on the beach with a great book? Do you get a feeling of satisfaction when you knit a sweater? Perhaps you like the challenge of returning to school and taking some night classes simply for the pleasure of learning something new. Most of us, particularly women, seem to be pulled in so many directions on any given day. Make sure that you make yourself a priority and grab some tools that invigorate your soul. When you take the time to develop a skill or engage in a special talent, you are offering yourself an important sense of satisfaction. This is an important step in developing heightened self-esteem.

Perhaps more important than any other item we can carry in our toolbox of life, we need to be our own biggest fans and move forward with confidence in the marvelous creations we continue to become. That being said, I would like to suggest one more tool that I personally offer to those who are on a quest for greater happiness. In my new book, "The Anja Technique", I guide my readers through safe and effective relaxation techniques that will open the door to an increased sense of self-love. I tackle each of the main obstacles that stand in our way of true acceptance of self, such as guilt, self-doubt, and anger, and share affirmations that you can use to defeat these mental roadblocks.

I hope that you will take the opportunity to try "The Anja Technique" and see what a difference it can make in your life.

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