Sunday, September 27, 2009

Shayn Cutino is always full of inspirationThrough the use of her words!

September 22-
You are the holders of the light. When people fall into fear with all of the changes taking place, you are the ones who can make a difference. People are afraid of change and that is what will call you into action, for you have dedicated yourself to ...holding the flashlight for the highest outcome, without pointing the way or telling anyone which way to turn- you just shine the light so all may see.

September 23-
High heart is a gift formed from our love of humanity. "Follow your heart" truly means to follow the guidance that has already been placed within it, much like turning a paddle gently guides a canoe. One is never afraid of one's strength when that strength comes from a heart in true alignment with Spirit. Blessing to each of you in these days of holy contemplation.

September 24-
This is the beginning of the return. We must become more like little children to remember how to walk in beauty and balance upon the Earth, and realize that we are all more alike than we are different. Our true selves have always known the path to the light. Now is the time to begin the migration back to the path with heart. Espavo.

September 25-
The vibrations of truth are becoming more and more evident. If you are still in the mud know that things will get better. Old energies and old beliefs are being cleared because they not longer work. Your job now is to follow your higher self and enjoy...y your life. Travel if you can, hang out with family and friends and visualize a positive future and happiness for all. May everyone be happy and peaceful. Espavo.

September 26-
There is nothing that can keep you from manifesting your dreams except doubt and fear- the illusions that make you feel you are ever alone. Live your life, for one day, as if all your dreams will come true and watch the magic begin!

September 28-
We are never to worry or doubt ourselves regarding our place in the world. We are to go see, to hear, to look and to feel the many blessings of creating in our lives. We are to know that as we go, everything we need will be waiting for us to discover through feeling and then through knowing. Allow the light that you are to shine brightly and say to yourself "All is well".

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