Thursday, September 17, 2009

Shayn Cutino is having a contest and she will give the winner a signed copy of her book and CD.

Question- If you had a chance to have an hour long hypnosis session, what would it be for?

Winner will receive a signed copy of my Book and Cd "The Anja Technique"
"The Anja Technique" is a book and companion CD that teaches you how to overcome the obstacles of inner conflict, self-doubt, negative thoughts, resentment, guilt, anger, fear, self-hate, self-criticism and jealousy.

There are no right or wrong answers....Just leave your answer in the comment section and I will add to the blog.

Good Luck and enjoy,
Shayn Cutino

I will even get you started:

1)To Stop Smoking

2)To help with my ADD/ADHD to learn how to focus better

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