Friday, September 18, 2009

Did you Know?

The following study was conducted at New York University – Bellevue Medical Center.

The following study shows the efficacy of hypnotherapy as compared to psychoanalysis and behavioral therapy:

After 600 sessions of psychoanalysis, 38% of patients reported recovery from their conditions.

Those receiving behavioral therapy improved 72% of all cases after 22 sessions.

Those receiving hypnotherapy produced a 93% success rate after only 6 sessions.

“Research over the last 40 years shows that such hypnotic techniques are safe and effective. Furthermore, a growing number of studies show that hypnotherapy can treat headaches, ease pain from childbirth, aid in quitting smoking, improve concentration and study habits, relieve minor phobias and serve as anesthesia – all without drugs or side effects.”
Psychology Today, January 2001

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