Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Brings Unique Sources of Doubt and Anger

Each season brings its own opportunity for women to experience feelings of self-doubt and sadness. Spring is a beautiful time for renewal, but what if you feel stuck in the same rut? Winter brings those holidays which may include time with family that conjures up painful feelings from childhood or maybe some lonely nights when it seems the rest of the world is out celebrating. As summer approaches and the heat steps up here in California, I am reminded of some other issues through which I have helped my clients navigate.

Body image is a major issue for women this time of year. We are all wearing less in an effort to stay cool and every exposed flaw is under daily scrutiny in front of our bedroom mirrors. You don’t need an expert to tell you that
self-image is one of the biggest obstacles that women face in working towards a happy life. Higher temperatures also have a tendency to promote angry tempers. We are more easily irritated with ourselves and other when the air conditioners and even the coldest of swimming pools are not enough to keep us calm. If you know that the summer tends to bring heightened dislike of our physical self and screaming outbursts over the smallest annoyances, are there steps you can take now to preempt these unpleasant emotions? Absolutely.

There are
simple relaxation techniques you can learn that will release your mind from negative thoughts and instead reveal a whole new life that is waiting for you. When you are filled with self-love and inner beauty, you will be amazed at how different every day will be. Through my new book, The Anja Technique that comes along with a CD, you can seek and find this new life from the comfort of your home. Make this summer the one that is finally filled with sun, warmth, and peace.

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