Saturday, June 20, 2009

Read what people are saying about The Anja Technique: The Art of Self Love

The Anja Technique: The Art of Self Love, February 10, 2009
K. E. Reed (Northern California) - I love this book! At a time when everyone seems to be espousing gloom and doom, it's so refreshing to read a book that promotes comfort and joy! The Anja Technique reminds us that self love is all that's needed to propel us through life's challenges. And, when even the most joyful are tempted to succumb to emotional obstacles, The Anja Technique also provides the techniques to face those emotional challenges head on through loving and caring mantras. This is a beautiful book that has nourished my soul. I will read it again and again for the pure delight it offers.
Kathi Reed Brentwood, CA

C. Dutra "Carma's Window" - For most of us it is difficult to love our selves. We are taught at a young age to be kind and love others and not put ourselves and needs first at the risk of appearing selfish. We place standards on ourselves that no one can measure up to and create self-defeating behaviors. In other words, we become our own worst enemy. The Anja Tehcnique by Shayn Cutino teaches The Art of Self Love and dispels the notion that self-love is selfishness. Shayn Cutino shares first hand knowledge of how lack of self-love can send a person out of control in a downward spiral through out life. Although surrounded by an abundance of love from parents, extended family and friends, she reached a point in life where she felt disconnected. Her inferiority barred her from finding love that resided within herself. Over a period of years of working in private practice and helping clients bust the chains of self-hate is where Shayn developed The Anja Technique. It is Shayn's personal life experience,talent, education in hypnosis and clinical therapy and healing that allow her to pass on her knowledge and procedures on how to begin loving yourself. Shayn says over half the thoughts that flash through our minds daily are negative. So is it any wonder there is so much rage in the world? The first step of The Anja Technique is to "still the mind" and let your self connect to your divine source. Before reaching that first step, let Shayn prepare and show you how to tear down obstacles such as guilt, anger, fear, among others, that prevent all of us from reaching The Art of Self Love. In addition, The Art of Self-Love steps are incorporated onto a CD so you can experience the calming effect of Shayn Cutino's voice whenever you need it. The Anja Technique is a gentle process developed to restore your self-esteem and become a more productive person in your life.

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