Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Get Some Rest Tonight

I have a couple of questions for you. Have you become more familiar with the 3:00am infomercials on television that you ever could have imagined? The Snuggie is an amazing invention and I am sure we could all use a device that allows us to grow our tomato plants upside down, but I don’t think that staring at those products on a flickering is the best way to spend our nighttime hours. Do you find yourself checking the time on your alarm clock every few minutes and calculating how much time is left before you need to get up? If you have trouble sleeping, you probably have tried multiple remedies to get some rest, from hot tea to bubble baths to medications. Let me introduce you to another option that I believe will finally provide the precious sleep that your body and mind need.

In general, healthy adults need eight hours of sleep in order to feel refreshed and be the most productive the following day. This number may vary a bit depending on each individual’s make-up, and you know best when your body feels adequately rested. When you do not spend enough of your life in peaceful slumber, you can experience fatigue, difficulty concentrating, a greater likelihood for accidents and other health problems. With these serious consequences in mind, isn’t it imperative that you make your sleep success as high a priority as any other health issue you may be facing?

A clinical hypnotherapist can work with you to practice some relaxation techniques that will unlock your unconscious mind. With the new knowledge and insight that will be gained, you can discover the root cause of your sleeplessness. Are you anxious about an upcoming event or troubled relationship? Do you have some unresolved pain from your past? Do you need to change some direction in your life? You then can disconnect these barriers and prepare yourself for a wonderful night of relaxation!

In my new book The Anja Technique, The Art of Self Love, which comes along with a relaxation CD, I teach my readers several ways that they can achieve deep relaxation and enjoy a better quality of life … from the comfort of their own homes!
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I hope you will allow my book to guide you to greater peace and then let me know how The Anja Technique worked for you.

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