Saturday, November 21, 2009

Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is easy to learn, safe and completely natural. When you come for sessions with me, this is something that you are taught and it is the best gift that you could ever give yourself.

Self hypnosis is especially effective for people who are trying to release weight. You all know that advice comes and goes.....but how about mind over platter?

Over the next coming months I am going to share with you one of many self hypnosis ideas that work for fat habits.

Problem: Certain Times of the Day are Your Downfall

Solution: Take a deep breath and imagine yourself starting the day with a great breakfast, like a hard boiled egg, a fresh apple, or a small can of tuna. Imagine it as if it was manna from the gods. Yummmmmm! Now mentally rehearse yourself at that certain time of day when you used to go askew but now you are drinking refreshing water or taking a walk or perhaps savoring an apple.

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