Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Trusting "Self"

I wrote a series of thoughts in September for meditation purposes. But, I wanted to elaborate on a particular thought...I feel it's a timely message for alot of people and would be helpful to refocus energy on this message:

We are never to worry or doubt ourselves regarding our place in the world. We are to go see, to hear, to look and to feel the many blessings of creating in our lives. We are to know that as we go, everything we need will be waiting for us to discover through feeling and then through knowing. Allow the light that you are to shine brightly and say to yourself "All is well".

Life can be a very confusing and difficult journey at times. However, those difficult times somehow always lead back to better ones if we continue our belief in ourselves. It's a simplistic statement that involves contemplation of it's impact. If one resigns themselves to always having "bad luck" then the creation of bad luck is in effect.

The journey of life isn't complete without the joy, love, laughter and light it brings. By the same token, it isn't complete without the hardships, difficulties, crying or recognizing the darkness it can bring as well.

If you never experience darkness, how will you recognize light? It is the circle of life. You have everything you need. Trust in yourself.

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