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Shayn Cutino Interviewed By Jane Genova - Over 50 Coach

"I knew I didn't want to work for physicians the rest of my life," Shayn Cutino, licensed clinical hypotherapist in corporate wellness

Our sixth Fifty-Over-50 finalist is Shayn Cutino. Like many of us who have made major career shifts, this California-based entrepreneur began discovering what she wanted by taking inventory of what she didn't want any more. At the top of the list was being someone's employee, particularly if the employer was a physician. After that, the steps toward becoming self-employed became clear, though not easy.

Today, Cutino is a licensed clinical hypnotherapist, HHP, CCHT. She specializes in Corporate Wellness programs. Within that niche her most in-demand services are stress management, weight loss, and smoking cessation. In addition, she is a valued player on the lecture circuit.

Exclusive Interview with Shayn Cutino:

JG: In your own words, what do you do for a living and how did you come to doing that?

SC: Jane, essentially I am a Behavioral Therapist who specializes in Clinical Hypnotherapy. In addition, I work as a Certified Life and Business Coach.

My journey began about seven years ago when I knew that I didn't want to work for physicians for the rest of my life. I was and am passionate about helping people. So I decided to go back to school to study psychology and coaching.

That was an exciting time. That's because I was preparing for the opportunity to make a living for myself while doing something that I absolutely loved. I am proud to say that I completed my education, I opened my own counseling practice, hung the shingle out, and haven't looked back since.

JG: What other things have you've done to earn a living?

SC: My background is primarily in the healthcare field. But prior to getting into the medical field I was in the clothing (rag) business and had worked as a sales representative marketing clothing to large retail stores such as Mervyns. That was a great business and gave me a wide range of experiences with people.

JG: What are you observing about what it takes to earn a good living?

SC: To make a good living in these current times, we need to think outside the box, find a niche, and also have a clear message for our services and/or products. We need to be motivated and have the ability to know exactly what our skills are and then keep challenging ourselves. We also need to stand out from the crowd and to keep reminding ourselves as well as our customers/clients that we are on top of it and that our age is an advantage.

JG: What obstacles do we over-50 tend to put in our own ways?

SC: Some may believe that they no longer have the energy it takes to run a business or that it is simply too late for them as they approach the golden years. But we are a resilient group and right now the 55-64 crowd is the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs ever in history. So, in spite of some obstacles, the majority are aware of their lifetime of knowledge and skills and are itching to use them.

JG: Where do you sense the professional opportunities will emerge in this era?

SC: Professional opportunities will continue to emerge in the nutrition industry as well as the coaching, health and wellness ones. Keeping fit, eating healthy, exercising, and staying on track are top priority for most people.

JG: Where will your next career steps be?

SC: Currently I am re-working my business plan to establish focus and clarify the ultimate goal of providing workshops and seminars guiding people toward life-work balance and to teach them ways to reduce their stress levels.

I also plan another book over the next couple years. It will focus on the power of the subconscious mind and how we can change our thinking to create the life we have always dreamed about.

JG: For those who don't live in California, how do they have access to your products and services?

SC: They can order my custom-made Hypnosis CD or phone for a consultation.

JG: How can they reach you?

SC: A number of ways:

Phone: 925-516-2868



You can also visit my Visual CV at

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